dial phone numbers, Discuss and brainstorm on topics or themes of the QR Code scavenger hunt. The generated QR codes are free and last forever. Since you can't search the Android Market on the web or in desktop software, you're always stuck tapping in search terms by hand. From: To: Let’s talk about QR codes. Terms of Use: The use of this application as well as the generated output is intended solely for legal purposes and in accordance with the valid national or international regulations.

Instead of a clue, just type a dot or a comma.

How to add logic jumps, use the calculator and trigger SMS notifications with Beaconstac’s forms. For promotions: QR Scavenger hunts can be an effective way to capture leads, and businesses can remarket to the audience in the future. phone, iPod Touch) which could decode the QR codes. QR Code Scavenger hunt is one among them that is growing in popularity because of its simplicity and convenience.

Hand over worksheets for students and divide them into different teams. By using the schedule function in the dynamic QR code, you can get teams to hunt for a particular clue in a set time. Just like in Version #1, you can print out some dummy QR codes. The following week, the sheets were photocopied and returned to the members of the teams. After the game, report students back to the classrooms and have discussions on the topic. Sneh is a Content Marketing Manager at Beaconstac. It appears maybe the Android Client has issues validating QR Codes and or SQRL URLs? Find the best image to represent them online, Start creating Text QR codes on the QR code generator. You can hide secret codes that unlock new clues in the game using coupon code QR Codes. Learn more in the QR code API description. To discuss content marketing or anything else under the sun, reach out to her on Twitter or LinkedIn. I think the OAuth site uses a "Dummy" QR Code if scripts are disabled. Remove the dummy QR Code as Google Authenticator tends to like to read it instead of the actual QR Code.

As an orientation activity for new students showing them essential areas of the school grounds with questions relevant to things, they need to know. Allow us to create a counter based QR code instead of time based? This works best for large gatherings, corporate events, and even schools. Encourage participants to explore different areas of the venue, which they might not usually see. To show you how simple this is, let’s take an example. Here are some of the ways you can use them; History lessons can turn out boring and monotonous. By using the schedule function in the dynamic QR code, you can get teams to hunt for a particular clue in a set time. The objective of this QR code scavenger hunt is to find all the objects mentioned in the landing pages. This makes the game far more interesting and is suitable for larger audiences. Students are put into small teams: each of these teams has at least one person owning a mobile device (e.g. There is no app required at all. A QR ("quick response") code is a square barcode that makes getting URLs, location coordinates, any text or contact information onto a phone fast.

If they fail to do so, you can change the landing page attached to the QR code to “This clue has been destroyed” and award the team that finds the most number of objects in the shortest amount of time.

2. To encourage students and keep the classroom interactive, teachers can conduct a scavenger hunt within their school premises on history lessons.

Select the image you want to place in the QR Code. How to choose the best QR Code generator for your scavenger hunt, Choose or create a new landing page. © 2019 MobStac, Inc. All rights reserved. Encoding a regular URL is a fine use of QR codes—especially lengthy and complicated URLs on movie and event flyers—but one of my favorite uses of QR codes is swapping mobile app recommendations with your friends. Then, customize your QR code by changing the color or size. The completed answer sheets were then handed in at the end of the school week and the team with the most correct questions and answers was awarded a prize. Not sure if it's the quality of the camera (2MP) or the software itself, but when I tried it a while back, if I filled in all the fields, the resulting QR barcode was too detailed for my phone to detect. In break times over a two-day period, the teams of students find the objects and codes, copy down the numbered questions as each one was decoded, and then research and record the answers. The teacher then has to list down the objects and the places that are going to be a part of the scavenger hunt. They can choose a popular indoor place like the basketball court or the gym as the scavenger hunt area. Each team will scan the QR Code to know which is the first object they must look for. This version of the QR code scavenger hunt is for you! Design a beacon scavenger hunt.

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