We rescued him right from the vets where his owners had taken him to be put to sleep, the reason you ask - one incident where he growled at the family. I may be tiny, but I’ve got a big personality. This lovely boy is a handsome american bulldog x mastif who is six years old and looking for a special heart to welcome him. For further information please contact Dog Help Us on 08443-876-978 She needs someone who is able to visit her regularly before she goes home so she can accept you in her own time and learn to trust you. Breed: This is both to avoid disappointment and because the kennels are a working business and kennel hands can not spend time with people who are not in a position to take a dog. He is four years old and a friendly chap who could fill the space on your sofa for years to come! We are looking for someone who has previous experience with challenging dogs and ideally someone who has a large secure bit of land where Forest will be able to run and burn off his energy. The Ohio SPCA and Humane Society rescued me from living conditions that weren’t ideal (and that’s putting it nicely). Major is a big bouncy boy who has had no training and likes to push the boundaries, he can be dominant and possessive so needs someone with a lot of experience to train him and someone who has lots of time and energy for him. Taylor loves going on long walks enjoying all the smells as well as playing fetch. We’re newlyweds searching for a loving forever home together! How cool is the Animal Rescue League of Iowa? They must be rehomed together as they are very close and depend on one another for comfort and confidence. It’s probably because I’m a smart guy. No Children , No other Dogs. He is all vaccinated and chipped but not castrated. Bromsgrove dog rescue | She is always looking for a way out so Maxie will need a very calm quiet home who will give her time to settle and adjust to the home environment. He's been fostered by a local lady since then. Location: Sting came to the shelter with another dog after being surrendered by their owner. He is very playful and cheeky and will make an absolutely wonderful companion for the right person. They're loud, quiet, fluffy, big, small, or even three-legged. Boxer x I’d like to meet you and your family a few times before we commit. Gender/Age: Unfortunately Jakey has been returned to us several times due to this issue and is beginning to think he will never find the right person who will give him a chance and not give up on him.   Yorkshire Terrier Cross, Bitch, about 18 months old. Breed: Here is a picture of him when he came to us, ready for some tender loving care. His coat was in a... Kabali is a beautiful, Spaniel x boy with a lovely, soft, white coat mixed with chestnut brown spots. I know, I’m shameless, but I’m just looking for the right human and trying to put myself out there! He is a little nervous around new folks at first, his story is one which moved us. She is a lab x and has a short,  soft, rich, tan coat and is medium to large in size (like a lab).   Meeka is a calm and lovable 9 year old. Gender/Age: We vaccinate our dogs when they come into the rescue if they are not already up to date. You’ll be proud to hang out with me. Tyler - Lovely Bulldog For further information please contact Dog Help Us on 08443-876-978 I’m Mister, and this is Misses. He was very scared and reacted by growling. I came to Secondhand Hounds from Animal Control—pregnant, underweight, and scared. Breed: Location: So, if you’d like some serious snuggle muzzles and warm cuddles, then you should hit me up at the Ohio SPCA and Humane Society. Let me introduce myself: I’m Isaac, a handsome and distinguished Labrador/Retriever mix who’s about to celebrate his 11th birthday. He occasionally plays with his toys when he thinks no one is looking. At Lurcher Link, we try to match up each dog to the right home working with details garnered during the homecheck process. Donations made by adopters are a vital contribution to our funds. 02/03/16 - We have been working with Milo and he is now great with other dogs, see the play photo below. Breed: Breed: Our rescue centres have a wide range of animals available for rehoming to suit you and your lifestyle. If I don't have a really good run I can get frustrated and cranky and unfortunately can take it out on whoever is nearest to me. New Romney. I’m Sailor, a pretty pup with a big heart. She would make a wonderful companion dog as well as acting as guardian for your family. This sleek and velvety weimaraner is one year old and full of youthful exuberance! Featured Dogs. They have one thing in common, they all deserve a second chance of a happy home, a warm bed, enough food and responsible owners who will cherish them for the rest of their lives. Wonky is very friendly and full of life. Well, sure, but my trainer thinks I have a special skill set for Nosework (a sport where dogs track a specific odor or odors and find the source). Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? We hope to give them the best start to their new lives with you, their adopters, and our staff and volunteers commit a huge amount of time and resources to this. Are you really sure that you are sufficiently committed to the time, effort, training and expense that your dog will need, not just immediately but for a lifetime? Whippet Buster is a high energy dog and finds kennel life quite stressful so we would love to see him in a home, preferably in a one to one situation with someone who is experienced with the breed. This little cheeky chappy is looking a NEW home. The Animal Rescue League of Iowa placed me in a foster home, and the transformation has surprised even me! Location: I could show off my athletic prowess on agility courses. Colour: He would need a patient owner to help him get use to a home life as all he has ever known is kennel life. Hey, I can’t help that I’m curious and want to explore everything I see and smell. Good day! For further information please contact Dog Help Us on 08443-876-978 He is an active focussed mature fella who plays well and you can see he has a sharp find behind his lovely eyes. Dogs. Hey, there. Some of these sweet dogs ended up in a shelter after tragically suffering abuse at the hands of the humans who were supposed to protect them.   Please do not book or adopt one of our dogs unless you are completely prepared to work with them, come what may, and that you are COMPLETELY determined that YOU will not be the human who lets them down again.   Please copy and paste link into your search browser, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7y1i18pf_U. Labrador Cross Collie We vaccinate our dogs when they come into the rescue if they are not already up to date. Beautiful Boy needs a home - please contact Dog Help us for further information. The Scituate Animal Shelter found me in an area where many people keep dogs for hunting and, unfortunately, frequently in situations of extreme neglect.

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