They do not end up in dead end sanctuaries, in cramped, rusty cages. Partnership— Rare Species Fund and Forum Konservasi Leuser. “Hornbills,” a large billed, heavy bodied bird of Africa and Asia, “are disappearing,” he told me. After going through the greetings and salutations customary in the Aceh culture, we climbed into a small SUV and headed south for several hours, along the Indian Ocean, to a small village situated on the southern bank of the Alas River. Antle also has delivered tigers to Thailand’s Samut Prakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo; in June National Geographic published a story about animal abuse at that attraction. The amount of plastic trash in the river was shocking to me. Kodak, TN in Sevier County. Our cubs are not bred solely for the purpose of being part of our interactive programs. About two hundred yards in, the boat wedged itself against a tree on the left bank, the unofficial landing site of Soraya Station. qualifications, or abilities of any therapists it lists. The Threat "buttonWithQuantity": true, I discovered that leeches in Indonesia live in the forests. Without interest generated by the cutting edge, interactive wildlife programs at TIGERS Myrtle Beach Safari, the funding that has contributed to the success of Dr. Putra and FKL would not be possible. We are unable to find any financial reporting or disclosure related to this alleged entity. The information in Psychology Today is provided exclusively by participating therapists. Currently there are more than 10 km of trails. Antle used to make money photographing visitors in close proximity to big cats with no barrier to protect the public. Dr. Putra and his team of rangers have done amazing work, under dangerous conditions, with remarkable success— and on a shoestring budget. He has agreed to do so, and said he thinks the agency’s process is good because it helps endangered animals. Antle claims to have a “nonprofit grassroots organization” called the Rare Species Fund that donates to conservation in the wild. [CDATA[*/ This site uses cookies for necessary functions meant to enhance your browsing experience: G.W. Postal Service’s Save Vanishing Species stamp in 2011.” After the release of Tiger King, some celebrity tabloids have started repeating his lie that he personally collaborated with the US Postal Service to single-handedly create the stamp. After a tour of the new station and introductions had been made, I was invited to join Rudi and the rangers for a walk through the forest. Doc Antle was known as Kevin Antle in the earlier phase of his life. Luckily, without socks, the shoes were snug, but not uncomfortable. Those that subscribe to the Rare Species Fund Newsletter likely remember the story of Ranger Hendri Saputra, who was swept away by the Krueng Inong River while on Patrol in the Luecer Ecosystem, Soraya Station in Sumatra, Indonesia last November. Each team consists of 5 people, 4 rangers from FKL, and one from the Indonesian Forest Ministry. "img": false, Keep it short, 200 Oct 9, 1991 lion named Arthur bit a model during a photo shoot requiring 50 stitches in Manchester, NH in Hillsborough County. "variantId": "all", The pilot navigated the quick, tippy vessel from one side of the river to the next, circling around small islands, under low hanging trees, and avoiding the worst of the turbulent currents. Soraya Station is located in one of the most important research and conservation locals in the world. July 1991 Antle was cited for unclean and unsound animal enclosures, incomplete travel and ID records. Cubs are allowed to meet guests on a limited basis until the age of 16-20 weeks old. (NOTE: We and other much larger animal welfare organizations have been urging to USDA to close this 8-12 week “window” by banning cub petting altogether to stop the widespread abuse of cubs used for petting.). Please come visit the Myrtle Beach Safari. The machine was switched on for two hours in the evening. Approximately 6 million acres in size, this forest is the only place in the world that is home to tigers, orangutans, rhinos, elephants and bears. Poaching is down 90% in the area since RSF was able to fund payment for wildlife rangers at Soraya. Note that there does not appear to be a Chinese Science Foundation on the Internet) is one of the most notorious exploiters of tiger cubs in the country. If you prefer corresponding via phone, leave your contact number. "product": { Drifting off to sleep was never a problem while staying at Soraya.

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