Of these, Devon Rex are most prone to conjunctivitis, which has various causes including infections, scratches to or something within the eye’s surface, a lack of tear production, allergies, or entropion. But, if at any point your cat starts to feel left out or unappreciated be prepared for trouble. Click on the hotspots illnesses seen in a Devon Rex. The rexed coat of this breed is soft and fine and doesn’t have guard hair that are characteristic for so many other breeds. With its curly coat, large eyes and a poodle or sheep's coat. All cats belonging to this breed can be traced back to him. As long as you show love and affection to this breed, it will deal well with any change. Most common coat patterns include Smoke, Calico, Tabby, Tortoiseshell and Points. Surgery may be required to correct a dislocated kneecap in order to help prevent long-term changes that could lead to arthritis. Because of its fun-loving personality, it is said that they are a cross between a cat, a dog and a monkey. Sometimes called the Poodle that purrs, Devon Rex has a curly and silky coat that is very easy to maintain. Breed Name: Devon Rex. Cystitis is the most common urinary problem we see in Devon Rex. It can be incredibly rewarding to bring home a new kitten or to rehome a cat, giving it a second chance of happiness. Life span: 10-15 years, but most Devon Rex cats will live to their mid-teens. The color All rights reserved. This breed loves having company and will engage kids in various games. The curly Some people with allergies to cat hair seem to tolerate this cat, but Coat: Short and wavy, mostly made up of a downy undercoat that requires no grooming. Feed your Devon Rex cat the highest quality cat food you can afford. Petplan's trading address is: Great West House (GW2), Great West Road, Brentford, Middlesex TW8 9DX. Imagine a cheeky little monkey in a cat costume and you have the Devon Rex! Use our interactive rabbit breed profile to find out more about rabbit health, care for specific breeds and read about illnesses that rabbits might face. They are friendly, loving, affectionate and sensitive cats and added In this section, we answer the commonly asked questions about the Devon Rex breed. The Devon’s coat looks like the one of its cousin, the Cornish Rex, but it’s caused by a different gene mutation. The father of the litter was believed to be a curly coated tomcat who lived in an abandoned tin mill. . Any indoor cat should be supplied with sufficient Does it possess all the traits you are looking for, to be your next feline companion? colorpoints will have blue eyes and aqua-color eyes are seen in mink Do consider cat health insurance for your cat. Miss Cox was familiar with the Cornish Rex breed of cat which was discovered nearby Cornwall. This breed is easily recognizable thanks to its curly coat and pixy-like appearance. Find out more about dogs, specific breeds and the illnesses they can face with our interactive pet profile built from over 40 years of working with pets. the cheekbones and then the whisker pads. But it is better to learn about potential problems from the start.

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