It’s easy to use, I can customise it further, and the support I’ve received has been excellent. There was an online referral form which needed to be rebuilt to work with the newly designed site.

Very easy to work with, it’s not complicated to follow examples already done and modify for my need. We’d be happy to assist you with anything. HTML: and then add alternative values for the properties you want to change. color: #4f4f4f; width: 300px; As you examine this code you should notice that it includes: The standard HTML Elements you add in this section are output largely unchanged by the CF7 plugin. Great looking Contact Form 7 forms made easy, I contribute to a website built with WordPress, Examine CSS in your current WordPress theme, Use CSS to change the appearance of your CF7 form, Use a Child Theme to make changes to your CF7 forms CSS, Add CSS changes on individual CF7 form elements, Add CF7 classes & ids within your CF7 forms, Why we use Fieldset, Legend & Lists in CF7 Skins, Making your form easy to read by using Fieldsets, add id and class attributes to a CF7 form, Guidelines on how to describe your problem, Redirect Contact Form 7 to thank you page, How to make a MailChimp contact form with Contact Form 7, Label Position options added to CF7 Skins Ready, Answers to issues with using reCAPTCHA v3 in Contact Form 7, Understand what CSS styling is being applied to standard HTML form elements in your CF7 form. }); Contact Form 7: Changing Text Field Label Color. .wpcf7-form p {

This is archived content. In that case you can provide your login credentials in a private reply and mention the page. In any web form, the HTML provides the form content and layout (structure) of the form while the CSS controls the forms appearance and presentation (style). Contact forms …

Made with CF7 Skins + CF7 Skins Pro + CF7 Skins Ready + CF7 Skins Multi + CF7 Skins Logic. border: 2px solid #f6efdf; After trying CF7 Skins for one website I cannot do without it for the second site I’m working on as a volunteer. And the technical support for CF7 Skins is fantastic! You may notice this form has a couple of styling issues: In this article we’ll be demonstrating how to change the style of this form, using HTML and CSS, to meet particular requirements. If you are not sure how Contact Form 7 uses CF7 Tags you can read all about them at Contact For 7 Tag Syntax. Page in question isn’t live yet (obviously, since it’s nearly unreadable), but screenshot attached for reference. sheets and the complications of making a Contact Form 7 look good! I love CF7 Skins. Depending on how your theme styles standard HTML form elements in general, and CF7 form elements in particular, you may need to add extra CSS specificity to get your CSS changes showing. .wpcf7-form { I had a minor issue integrating CF7 Skins with Ubermenu and the CF7 Skins support team did an incredible job resolving this matter within a few hours. The CF7 Skins templates were super easy to figure out and do everything I need them to, seamlessly. So far I’ve been able to build a customer survey, a sales quote form and an employment application that all work perfectly! (I’d also like to highly suggest that you place the commented out heading I’ve written below within your style sheet to denote where your Contact Form 7 styles begin.) When making CSS changes you want to make sure that your CSS changes don’t inadvertantly effect other elements on your website. If you have something you think might help others on this issue, you can use the CF7 form below to contact us. My design and coding chops were not quite up to the task. ... that gets applied to CF7 form field labels.

You will need to be skilled at using Firebug or Chrome Dev Tools to examine the HTML and CSS of your CF7 form in detail to follow along in this article.

In your WordPress admin, go to Contact > Add New to create a new form.. You can also give your HTML form elements individual classes & ids within the CF7 tags in the Form section of the CF7 interface. The default Contact Form 7 form uses label elements Label Content as the basis for the form. [ contact-form-7 id=”1511″ html_class=”cf7-psForm” title=”Personal Service Form” ] Using the techniques described in this article, we can use the following CSS to change the appearance of the default CF7 form.

There is a common misconception that the CF7 plugin controls the appearance of CF7 forms though the plugins CSS style sheets.

color: #4f2a0f; The CF7 plugin provides support for most of the commonly used HTML form elements, including some recently added HTML5 elements. Very pleased with all of it!

Archive / Contact Form 7: Changing Text Field Label Color. Due to the CSS loading heirachy, any CSS changes made here will overwrite styles previously set in the parent theme.

I set up a multi-page form with a little assistance from tech support.

}. This plugin rocks! padding: 10px 20px; Contact Form 7 (CF7) is one of the most popular plugins available for WordPress. /* Contact Form 7 Styles -----*/ .wpcf7 { background-color: #F0F0F0; border: 5px solid #666666; }

You will need to be skilled at using HTML and CSS to follow along in this article. If you have anything further to ask, kindly let us know. Make sure Contact Form 7 and Conditional Fields for Contact Form 7 are both installed on your WordPress site. Thank you.

To assist you with this issue, we’ll first need you to provide us with your URL. Thanks for writing in! margin: 4px 0 8px 0; Recently I had an issue and the team was quick to send me a custom fix so plugin would remain compatible with my WordPress theme. Upload the entire contact-form-7-style folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory; Make sure that Contact Form 7 is installed and activated ( an admin notice will check for this ) Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress This form is made with CF7 Skins + CF7 Skins Pro + CF7 Skins Ready + CF7 Skins Multi + CF7 Skins Logic. The appearance of each CF7 form depends on the HTML form elements used. The style.css file of the child theme usually imports all styling from the parent theme by including the following CSS code at the top of the child theme’s style.css file. If you have a current license you can post your questions to our Premium Email Support.

The appearance of CF7 forms on your website will depend largely on the current WordPress theme used and the CSS styling that theme applies to standard HTML form elements. $("#no-reply-1210883 .bbp-template-notice, .bbp-no-topic .bbp-template-notice").removeClass('bbp-template-notice'); Often you can copy the CSS currently used on the element from within your Dev Tool.

In truth the Contact Form 7 plugin uses only very minimal CSS styling to allow CF7 forms to blend in with most websites. Tip: We'll send you an email shortly. Name * HTML (supplied by you) + HTML (added by the CF7 plugin) = FORM Content & Layout (structure). margin-bottom: 5px; We use the default CF7 form (normally named “Contact form 1” & installed automatically on every install of the CF7 plugin) as the basis of this article. Getting started. if you are new to the plugin read my ultimate guide on how to use Contact Form 7.

Please help us to help you by telling us about your current problem. . That way you don’t lose your changes when you update the theme. Each CF7 form has a unique id which can be targeted in your CSS changes – see Styling a Specific Contact Form 7 Form for detailed instructions on how to do this. color: #fff;

Please help us by telling us how you use both WordPress & Contact Form 7. Email *

Any HTML elements added by you in the Form section on the CF7 interface are combined with HTML generated by the CF7 plugin. background: #f6efdf; .wpcf7-form textarea { I strongly recommend CF7 Skins to any WordPress site developer who wants to give their contact forms an amazing professional appearance and superior functionality! Using the changed CSS given above, the default CF7 form now looks as shown below. background: #dcc8a5; padding: 5px 15px; In this case our website uses the The7 theme by Dream-Theme and the default Contact Form 7 form appears as follows: Tip: The appearance of the default CF7 form on your WordPress website will depend on the current WordPress theme used and the CSS styling that theme applies to standard HTML form elements. With practice you can learn how to create increasingly complex CF7 forms by combining your HTML elements with those added automatically by the CF7 plugin. If that description does not fit you, you can learn about Firebug or Chrome Dev Tools and come back to this article when you’ve done that.. We used Firebug to produce the following diagram which shows the overall structure if the default CF7 form we are using in this article. CF7 Skins has proven to be one of the best and easiest to use WordPress plugins, which greatly enhances the functionality and user friendliness of Contact Form 7.

They provide an easy way for visitors to your website to start a conversation with you about their particular requirements. Tagged: x. If you’ve bought a CF7 Skins Add-on, we have a Support Team available help you to solve your questions and problems.

} Thanks for writing back. To change the appearance of your CF7 forms to suit your requirements, you will need to: Your current theme may not do a good job of styling forms. I’ve been using it now on a number of lead generation websites I’ve built where a well-designed form is key to getting customer data submitted. While this is probably the simpliest way to create a form, it has a number of shortcomings, which we discuss in further articles – ( see Why we use Fieldset, Legend & Lists in CF7 Skins and Making your form easy to read by using Fieldsets ). HTML – form content and layout (structure) I look forward to the next time I set up a form. HTML includes a number of elements which are specifically designed for use in forms. Adjust the CSS used by your current theme for these HTML form elements. I’ve scoured the forums for how to change the white text (that shows up in Dark theme settings) that gets applied to CF7 form field labels. min-width: 100px; }

We are now using it on Expert Pension Claims with great success.
For a listing of complete style sheet used by the CF7 plugin see Default CF7 CSS style. In that case you should continue to learn what you need to know about both HTML and CSS at and come back to this article when you’ve done that. Contact Form 7 Design. What type of help are you offering? It will save you masses amount of time messing around with styleStyle When you select a CF7 Skins Style the aesthetic design (CSS code) is automatically created and applied to your form.

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