Cetane Rating: Also known as cetane number (CN), this is a measurement of the combustion quality of diesel fuel during compression ignition. The most prominent example of this are natural gas co-generation plants which first feed fuel into a gas turbine. Gasoline service stations are the most lucrative part of downstream operations. Purchasing Power Agreement: A contract between two parties, one who generates power for sale, and another who is looking to purchase it. Oversight is conducted by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. Economies that fail to diversify away from oil are often pre-dominated by a rent-seeking mind-set where people become more pre-occupied with securing the windfall resouce profits for themselves, usually oil, rather than seeking to develop new industries. Reserve Growth: When an oil or gas field is first discovered, reserve estimates tend to be low. Hydro buys power from companies that build their own power generating stations. Flue gases are the gases that are released into the atmosphere by a flue, or pipe, from the steam boiler. MBtu is used for a thousand Btus. OECD: The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development is a 34 country organization dedicated to advocating democracy and the market economy. A Btu is roughly the amount of energy it takes to heat a half kilogram of water from 3.8 to 4.4 °C. Headquartered in Columbus, we deliver clean, affordable and efficient natural gas to approximately 1.4 million customers. Customer Service and Gas Emergencies: 1-888-460-4332. An isotope, U-235 can be enriched to support a nuclear chain reaction. Gasohol: Otherwise known as fuel ethanol, gasohol has been distilled and dehydrated to create a high-octane, water free alcohol. Can you beat Columbia Gas rates if you switch to a retail provider? So the market penetration of wind power would be measured by its share of the electricity market, while ethanol would be compared to other vehicle fuels, not to total primary energy use. Carbon Sink: A carbon sink is a natural or artificial reservoir that accumulates and stores carbon-containing chemical compounds for an indefinite period. Shale: A type of sedimentary rock with low permeability, which was once thought to prevent any commercial extraction of the gas inside. B.C. We volunteer and provide charitable support across Virginia, primarily to organizations that share our mission of meeting basic human needs. Sound Navigation and Ranging (SONAR): Acquired by TC Energy in 2016, the Columbia Gas Transmission system extends from New York state to the Midwest and Southeast, serving as a link between major natural gas basins and major markets. Ring of Fire: The Pacific Ring of Fire is a region of high volcanic and seismic activity that surrounds the majority of the Pacific Ocean. A mixture of hydrocarbons present in natural gas. Your business could benefit from using natural gas over other energy options. Electrolysis: A simple technique for splitting water atoms to obtain hydrogen, driven by an electrical current. Energy BC is a comprehensive and objective resource on energy sources, uses and issues in British Columbia. Our partners include: Thomas YoungEconomic Development Manager614-460-7809thomasyoung@nisource.com.

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