Beyond his Ph.D. degree in Change Management, he is also a keynote speaker, lecturer in Kemerburgaz University and TV & Radio Programmer. Top Causes of Resistance to Change Within Your Organization. 3. The organizational level change involves major programmes which affect both the individuals and the groups. Heaping too much change on employees over a short period of time can cause resistance. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. M. (2008). (iv) Development of anxiety and tension in the employees is the sure sign of resistance. Delray Beech, Florida. Prentice Hall. However, like education and participation, this strategy also suffers from the drawback, such as it is time-consuming and expensive also. Negotiation : Negotiation particularly with a group of powerful individuals resistance to change is yet another strategy to deal with potential resistance to change. 4. For example, if the workers have to stand before a machine throughout the shift, they will like the introduction of a new machine which will allow them to sit while working. Ideally, you'll get great ideas that you can use to support the change and limit resistance to change. Companies also are like that. The key is to start planning as early as possible. The groups, particularly the informal groups have a lot of influence on the individual members of the group. This may be in the form of counselling or coaching. Once the management is able to establish favourable conditions, the right timing and right channels of communication have been established the plan will be put into action. Also, it is people's involvement. 5. Changes at the group level can affect the work flows, job design, social organization, influence and status system and communication patterns. Causes of resistance to change by employees. An organization who does not have resources for implementing the change often resists it. Change in organization structure is required because old relationships and interactions no longer remain valid and useful in the changed circumstances. For example, when computers became common, accountants had to shift from accounting on paper to digital accounting. Different people will see different meanings and interpretations in the proposed change. Involve people in the change as early as possible. There may be certain other reasons for the resistance to change depending upon the circumstances of individual case. Therefore, the management will have to create an environment in which change will be amicably accepted by people. Put it on the map - address the fears people might have and provide people with role models or mentors. People also fear uncertainty and the unknown. Process Oriented Change : These change relate to the recent technological developments, information processing and automation. So there's bound to be resistance whenever change requires us to do things differently. 5. Disturbance in Existing Equilibrium : A basic reason of the resistance of change by the employees, whether they manifest it in the form of apathy and indifference, or in the form of opposition or hostility, is that most changes disturb the existing equilibrium in situation and environment. Facilitation and Support : Another strategy for managing resistance to change is providing support and empathy to those employees who have trouble dealing with the change. Collaborate with the change team and leaders not affected by the change. Yes, one cannot ignore its potentially high costs. Don't be afraid to ask direct questions at this time. This implies that for managing change successfully, the change strategy needs to include and manage all the three stages (i.e., unfreezing, changing, refreezing) of the change process. Ivancevich M. John, Peter Lorenzi, Steven J. Skinmer: Management: Quality and Competitiveness, Second Edition.

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