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More than two-thirds of the nation's fruits and nuts and a third of vegetables grown in the United States come from California. © 2020 Copyright fortunly All rights reserved, {"type":"pie","data":{"labels":["Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Rental and Leasing ","Professional and Business Services","Information","Manufacturing","Government and government enterprises","Educational Services, Health Care, and Social Assistance","Retail Trade","Wholesale Trade","Arts, Entertainment, Accommodation, Recreation, Food","Construction","Transportation and Warehousing ","Agriculture, Foresting, Fishing, Hunting ","Utilities","Mining, Quarrying, Oil and Gas Extraction"],"datasets":[{"backgroundColor":["rgba(30,115,190,0.9)","rgba(236,59,239,0.9)","rgba(242,155,55,0.9)","rgba(159,224,69,0.9)","rgba(238,238,34,0.9)","rgba(216,30,30,0.9)","rgba(130,36,227,0.9)","rgba(132,5,1,0.9)","rgba(183,183,183,0.9)","rgba(0,117,135,0.9)","rgba(99,0,0,0.9)","rgba(158,168,21,0.9)","rgba(224,35,152,0.9)","rgba(38,38,38,0.9)"],"hoverBackgroundColor":["#1e73be","#ec3bef","#f29b37","#9fe045","#eeee22","#d81e1e","#8224e3","#840501","#b7b7b7","#007587","#630000","#9ea815","#e02398","#262626"],"data":[528.80999999999994543031789362430572509765625,368.43000000000000682121026329696178436279296875,324.56999999999999317878973670303821563720703125,302.1499999999999772626324556767940521240234375,287.32999999999998408384271897375583648681640625,197.270000000000010231815394945442676544189453125,147.8799999999999954525264911353588104248046875,139.590000000000003410605131648480892181396484375,103.8900000000000005684341886080801486968994140625,85.06000000000000227373675443232059478759765625,65.650000000000005684341886080801486968994140625,46.3900000000000005684341886080801486968994140625,31.28999999999999914734871708787977695465087890625,14.5999999999999996447286321199499070644378662109375],"borderWidth":1.5}]},"options":{"animation":{"duration":2000},"maintainAspectRatio":true,"cutoutPercentage":0,"circumference":6.28318530717958623199592693708837032318115234375,"legend":{"display":false,"position":"bottom","labels":{"usePointStyle":false,"padding":20,"fontColor":"#3a3a3a"}},"tooltips":{"enabled":true,"bodySpacing":8,"titleSpacing":6,"cornerRadius":8,"xPadding":10},"noTsep":false}}, ["Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Rental and Leasing : {y}","Professional and Business Services: {y}","Information: {y}","Manufacturing: {y}","Government and government enterprises: {y}","Educational Services, Health Care, and Social Assistance: {y}","Retail Trade: {y}","Wholesale Trade: {y}","Arts, Entertainment, Accommodation, Recreation, Food: {y}","Construction: {y}","Transportation and Warehousing : {y}","Agriculture, Foresting, Fishing, Hunting : {y}","Utilities: {y}","Mining, Quarrying, Oil and Gas Extraction: {y}"]. U.S. states and territories by GDP per capita (current dollars) National rank Global rank State or territory 2018 1 1 District of Columbia: 200,277 2 2 New York: 85,746 3 2 Massachusetts: 82,480 4 3 Delaware: 77,253 5 3 Connecticut: 76,342 6 4 California: 74,205 7 4 Washington: 74,182 8 4 Alaska: 73,205 9 4 North Dakota: 72,597 10 6 Wyoming: 69,900 11 6 California’s economy ranks fifth in the world, behind the United States, China, Japan, and Germany. Tax Collections by the Department of Revenue Services. With 1.7 million living alumni, the University of California system has produced 61 noble laureates. At $3.7 billion, the NBA's Los Angeles Lakers are the state's most valuable team. GDP. With $128,308 per capita in annual gross domestic product, Silicon Valley residents out-produce almost every nation on the planet, Last modified on Wed 1 May 2019 14.40 BST. They are followed by China ($16.3 billion), Japan ($13.1 billion) and South Korea ($9.9 billion). Meanwhile, the national median home price is $226,300. The switch could save $1.5 billion in maintenance and fuel costs by 2050. The losses would be 6% of California's 2019 GDP. According to projections, economic growth will be strong over the next five years. What other NYSERDA or energy-related datasets would you like to see on Open NY? GDP per capita 2018 The GDP per capita of California was $68,803 in 2018. Miscellaneous manufactured commodities took second place at $19.1 billion. While California would be an economic force as its own nation, so too would the Bay Area alone. was $35,046 in 2017, which is $2,649 higher than per capita income on the national level. Source: National Endowment for the Arts. Source: California Department of Food and Agriculture. The per-capita GDP growth plus the population growth are approximatly equal to the GDP growth California shown above. The average pay for a private-sector worker was $62,475. elevation in the continental US, California’s economy is also characterized by contrasts and underlying disparities. Nominal California GDP, at $2,602.672 bn in 2016, is at the highest level recorded to date. Disclaimer | The state was hampered by its ranking of 32nd in economic health, which looks at unemployment, underemployment, payroll change, poverty rate, foreclosure rate, and uninsured population. With such a dynamic economy, California is full of mind-blowing facts and figures, so here are 16 of them: If California were its own nation, it would be the fifth largest economy in the world. California Department of Food and Agriculture, California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom, Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation, United States Bureau of Economic Analysis, United States Small Business Administration, Your email address will not be published. This page outlines the most important features of the California economy, which has a huge influence on the financial wellbeing of the entire nation. Half the world’s tech billionaires live in Silicon Valley; a sizable portion of the remainder live just north in the San Francisco Bay Area. Real California GDP, at $2,300.793 bn in 2016, is at the highest level recorded to date. Source: French-American Chamber of Commerce. California’s Central Valley is the world’s largest patch of Class 1 soil, as well as the world’s biggest supplier of canned tomatoes. Sometimes, though, there is an overlap. The same survey shows that the median per capita income of the. daily and featuring the latest statistics from the media, California is among the top five producers of wood products in the United States. California economy statistics about agriculture show that more than 400 agricultural products are produced here. Quarterly estimates are presented as an annual rate. The state debt per capita was $3,891. While 12 percent of Americans live in California, the state contributed 14.6 percent to GDP in 2018. Where an application has a region specific module, we ask that you add an additional line that states: "Data about REGIONX was provided by the Open Data Network." “If the economy is growing, that might even be a negative thing if it is growing inequitably and unsustainably. Check our upcoming releases. Los Altos – $208, 309. New, Figures and insights about the advertising and media world, Industry Outlook New York Energy Prices presents retail energy price data. US Census Bureau statistics show that despite its wealth, California has the nation’s highest poverty rate. Combined, those teams are estimated to be worth more than $33.5 billion. according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis. GDP, it turns out, is no way to gauge a community’s economic health. The percentage change in real GDP ranged from 86.5 percent in Jackson County, WV, to -44.0 percent in Grant County, ND. The data include breakdowns of industries' contributions. This section includes a column in the price table displaying gross domestic product (GDP) price deflators for converting nominal (current year) dollars to constant (real) dollars. This chart shows the share of U.S. gross domestic product by state and region in 2019. During 2018, Mexico and Canada imported $48.4 billion in California-produced goods. too. California GDP represents 14.08% of US GDP which made it the largest state economy in the nation in 2016. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. In concept, an industry's GDP by state, referred to as its "value added", is equivalent to its gross output (sales or receipts and other operating income, commodity taxes, and inventory change) minus its intermediate inputs (consumption of goods and services purchased from other U.S. industries or imported).

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