0️⃣, A post shared by Luke Kerr-Dineen (@lkd_golf) on Oct 26, 2018 at 4:53pm PDT. Medium Power – This grip position is formed when the grip is held between the “x” and the 2 position of the palm pad. Nice swing too. And at the moment, no one is centering it better on Tour than Bryson.

With the pre-shot rehearsal very few amateurs do much like this. Therefore, I must take a biomechanical approach to see the cause and effects of his motion and what it does to his body when he rotates and produces speed. Change ). I’ve long been on the Bryson DeChambeau train. So let’s take a look at Bryson’s unique swing action and see how you can adopt some of the traits that make him so consistent. You can see Bryson doing it in his swing. Even if you don’t use single length irons like Bryson, you will still be able to benefit from this swing analysis and start hitting better shots from the driver to the wedges. For DeChambeau, that’s not so much an issue. THE PERFECT DOWNSWING SEQUENCE FOR YOUR GOLF SWING. So if you’re in the market for a new set of clubs, a single length set could be a wise investment, as part of a long term strategy to lower your handicap. This put him at about 40th (2019) out of 200 players on Tour. | March 14, 2019 | Instruction. Here’s a quick summary of what I see as some of Bryson’s keys to success: In the 2020 season, Bryson Dechambeau has a driver swing speed of 126 miles per hour (mph) and a ball speed of 190 mph.

This is a contributing factor to why we have favourite clubs, or perhaps have that one club in your bag you struggle to hit properly.

All his talk of the flagstick’s coefficient of restitution and dynamic shift can rub some fans the wrong way, but there’s a method to his madness, and I genuinely think that before long, it’s going to start seeping into golf’s mainstream. His unique approach to all aspects of the game culminated in a dominant 6 stroke win at the U.S. Open. Bryson is over 6 feet tall while Moe was 5’7″. And the forearm is directing the shaft and club head where to go through impact. It is similar to Moe Norman in many ways but I still think Bryson’s swing can be simplified even more and Moe’s golf swing is definitely easier on the back. This reduces the rotation of the upper body. He gets so fully loaded and then really unwinds so hard on the way through and, because everything’s so well matched, he hits it pretty much laser straight. (3) www.theswingengineer.com/3rd_power_accumulator.html This 3-Piece golf ball is designed for golfers with swing speeds over 105 mph and Bryson certainly fits that category (as detailed above)!

Note the Titleist Pro V1 is about 95 compression. This is something I’ve been asked frequently since Bryson DeChambeau first came to public attention at the 2016 Masters tournament, and turned professional shortly after.

At time of writing this, his driving average on Tour is 292 yards. Most guys don’t, but they may start too.

A very stable blow is created when the body pivot drives a connected right (trail) arm. First, I would widen his stance with his driver. Again, without getting too technical, let’s take a look at DeChambeau’s golf stroke and see what this “one plane” business is all about. After watching me hit a few shots and playing around with my left arm some more, Bryson bid me adieu. Absolutely - by swinging on plane, having a “flat” left wrist, establishing and maintaining clubhead lag… If you didn’t know already, your set up has a profound influence on how you swing the club. While some of my analysis might seem critical to Bryson, I must look at this from the perspective of safety and stress on the body. Hannah Holden. That reliable Bryson Dechambeau golf swing, combined with his stilted putting set-up and motion, has vaulted him into the top 5 in the world golf rankings after 7 wins including Jack’s Memorial Tournament, The Northern Trust, the Dell Technologies Championship, and of course his major championship massacre at Winged Foot. I would be concerned about Bryson’s back from this rotational and compression. Prepare to focus on your left elbow like never before. “Alright, here’s something I do.

The setup isn’t the tip itself, but it’s an essential pre-requisite to the tip.

Practise it at the range and, if it feels comfortable and helpful, take it to the course. Should you attempt to “zero out” the 3rd Power Accumulator Angle and use a Zero Shifting plane like DeChambeau? Note: In 2020, he is ranked #1 in driving distance at this writing. DeChambeau definitely creates a different turn with the driver, he gets a little bit more behind the ball and he creates a massive shoulder turn and a really big hip turn all the way to the top of the backswing. He doesn’t restrict his hip turn, he really loads everything, there’s no holding back and that pre-swing rehearsal is definitely something that we can all do, how we’d like to see our impact and the angle we want the club to come through at. Despite this, Bryson Dechambeau uses this grip in his full swing, but has jumbo max grips installed on all of his clubs in order to maintain a firm hold on the grip. It’s one of my secrets.”. Making swings at 25%, 50% and 75% speed (effort) will allow you to tune in to how the body, arms and club work together to punish the ball like Bryson. The radius of this circle is the whole length of the clubshaft.

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Swing Like Bryson – Table of Contents – Click a Section Below To Learn! As Bryson speeds up his pre-shot routine to address his slow play (to the pleasure of his playing partners), it will be exciting to watch how he progresses in his career in both stroke play and match play in 2021!

By all means give it a try - but don’t expect it to revolutionise your game and take 20 strokes off your scorecard! And the same can be said for your scores. Alex Perry, by

Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I’m not going to discuss the technical aspects of club fitting, loft, lie angles, clubhead weights etc, but suffice to say, playing with single length clubs makes your life easier. This is a jump from last year when he had an average swing speed of 118 mph with a ball speed of 175. At address, Bryson has less secondary spine angle, side-bend, than Moe. Zeroed out! Moe’s lead arm bends as the arms release through impact.

It’s wrong to assume DeChambeau plays as well as he does because of his clubs. He has introduced the golf world to the Single Plane address position that I have promoted for years. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Bryson Dechambeau has quickly moved from a curiosity to one of the best golfers in the world with 7 wins since turning pro and all before the age of 27. "I hit it with my Right Shoulder" - Moe Norman. Bryson matching his SPEEDBACK driver in Hawaii. Grip the club and cock your left wrist so that the angle between the clubshaft and your arm is 90º degrees. By “zeroing” out the angle between the left arm and clubshaft, you’re depriving yourself of a significant source of power.

“Oh, I actually kinda like that,” he said, then stepped towards me. Look how long he maintains that structure in his left arm and elbow through the ball. This is really interesting as here, in Hawaii, he is trying to get the feeling of how he wants to deliver the clubhead and the height he wants to deliver it. It is similar to Moe Norman in many ways but I still think Bryson’s swing can be simplified even more and Moe’s golf swing is definitely easier on the back. The other four golfers to have achieved this feat are; Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods and Ryan Moore.(1). Now let’s look at the back swing and top of the swing. There is really no such thing as a “natural” golf swing. 0.0 face-to-path on the shot before this, 0.1 face-to-path on this one. Of course they’re a contributing factor to his success, but let’s not overstate their effect on his scores. So given his success, should you emulate DeChambeau’s club selection and play with single length irons and wedges? @B_DeChambeau averaged 305.5 yards off the tee last season. So in order to get the hands to shoulder height, and above, at the top of the backswing whilst using a Zero Shift, you’d have to set the clubshaft angle at address relatively steep. This is the back-saving movement that is missing in so many modern golf swings. Any pre-shot routine is always a full swing rather than how we want impact to look. Looking at his swing from “down the line”, keep track of the clubshaft’s path.

This accounts for some of the lie angle difference but not all of it. Suddenly Bryson has gone from the butt of jokes by golf’s talking heads to one the hottest “young guns” in golf. Less moving parts is a cornerstone of Bryson’s swing philosophy. Even when Bryson’s club is past parallel on the through swing, his left arm remains in that same position. One thing that has so many people intrigued about Bryson is his address position. It’s hard not to notice that Bryson sets up to the ball a little differently than most people. To see this effect in action, stand upright, take a club and hold it in your left hand only. Dry and mighty: The best waterproofs of 2020. Bryson DeChambeau gave me a lesson and shared a swing ‘secret.’ Here’s how it can help you.

So with single length club shafts and a uniform set up for all clubs, you ought to get a consistent ball flight. One thing I notice with DeChambeau’s swing is that he gets more loaded at the top of the swing. That’s how my lesson started. (4) http://www.pgatour.com/players/player.47959.bryson-dechambeau.html/statistics, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bryson_DeChambeau, www.theswingengineer.com/turned_shoulder_plane.html, www.theswingengineer.com/3rd_power_accumulator.html. Now almost all touring professionals keep the clubshaft on plane throughout their motion, but what makes DeChambeau’s distinctive, it that that plane doesn't move at all.

Bryson’s swing might work if your 25 years old and have a daily fitness regimen. After all, single length golf clubs kind of make sense right? Moe moved down because he struck the ball hitting into a flexed lead knee where the lead leg is strong and stable. After a gentle move to his left side to initiate the down swing, he is turning the body through impact and dragging that whole shaft at the start of the downswing.

(Sound on), Repost @b_dechambeau IG #SentryTOC #KINGofSPEED pic.twitter.com/G6RzGqJvPz, — COBRA Golf (@cobragolf) January 2, 2019. GOLF.com and GOLF Magazine are published by EB GOLF MEDIA LLC, a division of 8AM GOLF. One of the “Secrets” to Transition / Todd’s Notes, Moe Norman's Lead Thumb - The Long and Short of It. Have you wondered “what Golf Ball does Bryson DeChambeau use?”.

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