After losing Stand Battle two weeks in a row, the Dancing Dolls enlist their pint-sized counterparts, the Baby Dancing Dolls, to compete in their place so they can focus on developing a secret weapon to defeat their biggest rivals, The Prancing Tigerettes. Will Sunjai return to tryout for the team? The Dancing Dolls go toe-to-toe with their rivals to score the Grand Championship title at the Bay Area Battle in Memphis, TN. And Sunjai gets a chance to compete in Stand Battle for the very first time. Dianna calls for an all-night rehearsal at the Dollhouse Dance Factory. Dax Rhorer, Bry Thomas Sanders, Nancy Huffman. Miss D shows the Baby Dancing Dolls some tough love as she prepares them to take center stage and battle their number one rival, the Baby Prancing Tigerettes. Meanwhile, the Dancing Doll Parents get the chance to perform a full routine at competition and Rittany, Crystianna's Aunt, struggles to keep up with the rest of the squad. And Kayla gets a surprise from the team that she'll never forget for her high school prom. Producers also plan to surprise Miss D and the girls with special celebrity shout-outs and guest appearances. The event soon gets out of hand, however, when tension on the dance floor sparks a clash between dancers and spectators. Meanwhile, Miss D enlists the Dancing Doll Parents to help spice up the team's Beyonce -inspired creative dance and the tables are turned when Sunjai's mom, Selena, finds herself at risk of getting cut from the routine. In a special two-hour episode of BRING IT!, Miss D and the Dancing Dolls hit the road on a mission to bring their exciting majorette style of dance to young girls all across the country. Miss D and the Dancing Dolls finally get a chance to go toe-to-toe with their crosstown rival the Purple Diamonds after losing to them at the beginning of the season. The Dancing Dolls dance team prepares to compete against a fierce rival in Chattanooga, TN. After settling for a tie in stand battle last week versus the Dynamic Diamond Dollz, the Dancing Dolls are ready for a rematch. SEASON 6 • EPISODE 1 Bring It! The Dancing Dolls struggle to master difficult stands as they prepare to battle the rival team Dynamic Diamond Dollz in a Memphis competition. The three suspended potential captains have only week left to earn their way back into Coach D's good graces. Your favorites, all in one place. Sunjai learns a hard lesson about what it takes to make the stand battle crew and her mother, Selena, learns a lesson of her own when she tries to bully Dianna. Meanwhile, Camryn gets a chance to lead the Dancing Dolls during a parade and show Miss Dianna that she has what it takes to be captain.

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