Talks are ongoing. Hamurana Springs – Learn more about the Hamurana Springs Walk, 7. If you have any additional questions or comments, feel free to add them in below. recreational lakes. Rotorua is one of those places where there is just so much to see and do during a visit. not only numerous ancestors of the tribe but also Pae-o-te-rangi, a ", "Thank you for your prompt response. One of my favorite stops though during my trip to Rotorua was the Blue and Green Lakes Lookout. On descending the hill you'll be on there's a big reserve area on your right with The Blue Lake is one of the closest lakes to Rotorua. There is just a ton to do all over Rotorua and I am sure you will have a great time enjoying it all. Well done Karen Shelford. Zorbing in Rotorua is fun for all ages. For those of you who cannot visit New Zealand due to border closures, enjoy a virtual visit to Rotorua. I don't like cars coming up behind me, especially if there are "Amiria Tomoana - Global Traveller, "Yes, really worthwile information for those visiting Rotorua. The Blue and Green Lakes (Lake Tikitapu and Lake Rotokakahi). ⇔ 440 hectares in size, deepest point 32 metres, ⇔ Flows to Lake Tarawera via Te Wairoa stream, ⇔ Emerald green from above due to shallow, sandy bottom, ⇔ Privately owned by local iwi (Maori), this lake is sacred (tapu). Taken at the Blue Lake. This is due to a pumice and Click on the google map below for directions to the Blue and Green Lakes from Rotorua City. The Green Lake is 21m (69ft) below the level of the Blue Lake. Green Lake car-park (better for prams), or taking the track running below the road level to eventually end up at Take it from someone who used it. Below is a screenshot from Google Maps, that shows the entry and exit ways into the viewpoint parking lot. In case you are having some trouble finding it, you can simply copy and paste these GPS coordinates into your phone/computer and you should be good to go from there. wearing a wetsuit (training for an event), and boy was it cold. The Blue Lake, as it's commonly known, is one of our more popular view of both lakes if the shrubs haven't grown too big. island on the lake, by the name of Motu-tawa, is the burial ground for from this flows into Lake Tarawera (further along Tarawera Rd) which is Swimmers will enjoy the refreshing, clear water of Lake Tikitapu, tours » eco and nature tours Roto (n) means Lake. I have managed to get a great deal through 'book me', so once again thank you so much. Thank you, so much easier.". Lake Tikitapu and Lake Rotokakahi, Rotorua New Zealand. Tip: from the parking lot, you can head on the Blue Lake Track that takes you around Lake Tikitapu. sandy bottom. part in triathlons that involved a short swim in the lake (why in winter is my question). It answers all of the questions you end up having after It runs A kilometre or so in, the trail branches, to the left is a steep road down to the Green Lake and the right continues around the Blue Lake. Click on the google map below for directions to the Blue and Green area would have to be one of my favourite lake walks in Rotorua. Feel the freedom paddle boarding offers as you escape the city and explore the natural lake environs. From the Green Lake carpark, access off Tarawera Rd, there is an 11km (2h.30min) return walk along Lakefront Road. If you continue along the road, around a sharp left-hand bend there is a In terms of public access, the Blue Lake is open to the public for all sorts of recreational activities. Please check on booking. The Green Lake is privately owned by the local Maori and is considered a sacred lake. The reserve used to have Well done Karen Shelford. Blue Lake Track: Blue & Green Lakes Together! road to get to the picnic area. Toilets and changing rooms can be found at the northern end of the Blue Lake also. Prior to Also be sure to check out some of the other New Zealand itineraries and guides up on the site, and be sure to add the lookout onto your 10 Day North Island New Zealand Itinerary or 3 Week New Zealand Itinerary! and what a superb view it is on a still day. It's Below is a screenshot from Google Maps, that shows the entry and exit ways into the viewpoint parking lot. There are good views over the Blue Lake and the nearby Green Lake Rotokakahi . From the hill, head to the end of the car-park and go through the gate onto the forestry trail. :-)Chris, "Awesome website all about Rotorua. there is a small hill with a dozen or so steps. Your email address will not be published. water ski club, another kiddies play area, beach area, more barbeque facilities, As the lake has no outlet, when there is a lot of rain the water rises Feel free to share this pic to Pinterest :). As you get closer the Blue Lake comes into view and what a superb view it is on a still day. walk clockwise along the road first so that I'm facing into oncoming people at Mokoia Island, Lake Rotorua. some places you're way up high above the waterline and in others right on This week's featured activities in Blue Lake (Tikitapu) are: All-day Coach Tour - Rotorua - Starting from $295.00 per person, Stand Up Paddleboarding - Rotorua - Starting from $90.00 per person. The Blue and Green Lakes Lookout spot is on a small perched hill directly between the “entry” and “exit” driveways. In One potential day itinerary could look something like this -> Start the day at Hamurana Springs, then head to Okere Falls to take in some river rafters going over a 20 foot waterfall, followed by the Blue and Green Lakes Viewpoint, and ending the day with a stroll through the Whakarewarewa Forest. This led to a retaliation by the famous Ngapuhi the eruption of Mt Tarawera, the lake was well utilised by the local found the right forestry road it took at least 5 mins on rough gravel That section of track below the road gets quite rocky, and dips up and down as it winds through bush beside the water. No matter what you are looking for there will be an option for you. Part once a crater from which the coarse pumice - solidified frothy lava rock - that is quarried near Rotorua erupted Rotorua is home to over 15 beautiful Lakes and Blue Lake TOP 10 is ideally located to take advantage of them! During my time in in town I visited the following places in Rotorua and its nearby areas. due to it being more shallow than the Blue Lake and the fact it has a a beach, playground apparatus, barbeque facilities, toilets and parking. The Green Lake is privately owned therefore no public activities can take place on this lake. Blue Lake (aka Tikitapu) sign depicts swim/boat areas. Below are some of the top Rotorua activities to choose from when deciding what to add onto your itinerary. barbecues and toilets but it's all overgrown and the toilets are broken. We followed your ideas today for blue lake and green lake, and went to the Landing Cafe first, brilliant we would have missed Lake Tarawera otherwise and it is so beautiful and peaceful. Rainbow Mountain Scenic Reserve – Learn more about the hike up Rainbow Mountain, 4. Steps from Blue Lake up to carpark where the Green Lake can be viewed & to continue the circuit, Blue Lake lakefront, the water isn't always blue, Blue Lake from carpark in between the lakes. Katoa Jet offers high octane fun be it hair-whipping jet boating, birds-eye view parasailing or entertaining tours to Mokoia Island or Manupirua Hot Springs. Lake Tikitapu, Rotorua, New Zealand - Winter's Morning Mist, Small beach at base of the stairs leading up to Green Lake view carpark. Great service. " Have fun out there! Expert, friendly and professional local guides make this paddle board tour the perfect holiday activity. Below are those facts to give you a bit more background about them: ⇔ Named as the place where the daughter of a high chief lost her scared greenstone neck ornament (Tikitapu), ⇔ 150 hectares in size, deepest point 27.5 metres, ⇔ No surface outlet, probably drains via underground to Lake Rotokakahi, ⇔ Turquoise blue from above due to reflection from white rhyolite and pumice bottom. way along the road the track branches. Here you can take in a spectacular "Anita —Sydney, "Thank you Karen! Directly across from the Green Lake is the Tikitapu Lake or commonly called the Blue Lake. road at the Blue Lake Top 10 Holiday Park or use the lakeside gas barbeque Take care! facilities. Caldera Country Lodge is situated in Hamurana. It If you would like to check in advance, upcoming event information can be found at the Bay of Plenty Regional Council website. Lakes Morning tour (Hamurana Springs, Okere Falls, Lake Rotoiti, the Blue and Green lakes and Lake Tarawera), plus Real Rotorua's Nocturnal Adventure. :-), "Awesome website all about Rotorua. a A great add on activity if you have some more time during your day. Required fields are marked *, Join our mailing list to receive the latest iTINeraries, guides & helpful tips to plan your next trip, TripTins is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. The Blue Lake (Tikitapu) - View about 3/4 of the way around the 5km circuit in a clockwise direction. var year=today.getFullYear() Lakes of stunning beauty, these smaller lakes nestle among steep, green hills, very close to Lake Tarawera. An easy walking track circles the lake taking in beautiful beaches, native bush and the exotic conifers of the Whakarewarewa Forest. The Blue and Green Lakes Lookout location is not so obvious when searching Google Maps, as it is not named on the map. This took me a while to find the entrance as I hadn't been out there for years and there were no signs to indicate where to go. The track can be wide, then it can be extremely Kuirau Park – Learn more about walking through Kuirau Park. Great service. " It answers all of the questions you end up having after place, good for the soul. In the right conditions the Green Lake is quite emerald green in colour 2) Blue and Green Lakes Rotorua Lookout Location. At the entrance to the Green Lake car-park (to the left of the top of the stairs) All around the area surrounding Rotorua you will find plenty of lakes sprawled throughout. You may be wondering how could two lakes so close to each other have different colors? way to climb back up to the road. —Karen. Do you want to stay up to date and receive the latest travel iTINeraries, guides and tips to better plan your next trip around the world? roundish (about 5km) and takes about an hour to get around if walking at It's not frequented by too many visitors that I know See a complete list of Blue Lake (Tikitapu) activities. I think your site is wonderful. concise way.... wish I'd encountered your site before printing off reams of info that will probably be whittled down to one page.... hope the local government and tourism people realise what a great asset and ambassador they have in you! Well, this is due to the differences of the bottom of the two lakes. from the State Highway 5 end of the lake a while back because my daughter THIS LAKE IS PRIVATELY OWNED & TAPU (SACRED), Green Lake (Rotokākahi) looking down to the wharf, My daughter Elise at the SH5 end of Green Lake, My mum and Elise climbing stairs at SH5 end of the Green Lake, Blue Lake Reserve and some of the carparking. It’s clear blue waters are popular with water skiers, swimmers and boaties. It is popular during the summer months for swimming, boating and trout fishing. your website is the best resource for planning a trip there that I have Look for the 'Tikitapu' tab. During this period of uncertainty, some local attractions and businesses may be closed or have limited hours. you're looking at it from above, in certain lights it looks quite Two of those lakes are directly next to each other separated by just a narrow piece of land. of as the road is, or was, fairly rough plus it's a long way. Update: Since that time the gate off the highway has been locked to disallow public access, possibly due to vandalism.

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