the plot is interesting not beacuse of the actors... but then i like them too. Saku Jan 11 2018 7:28 am didn't plan to watch second episode, but i have nothing to watch. Great show. logicall he was in his right... Dont get me wrong i love it, more episodes of one of my davourite dramas but come on i was pumped for the ending. If you are a fan of logical mystery/suspense, don't waste your time. Finally the end that I don't even want to talk about. Go ara’s character is lil annoying hard headed and it makes me want to fast forward when it comes to her lines..This drama is good i love the cast male lead of course but sometimes its exaggerated the story makes my brain burn a bit..Overall it was nice

@ the person who said Seungheon looks like Ok Taecyon, I AGREE lol every time he appears on screen I have to remind myself it isn't really him. Joon punishment is just never existed in the world, so world got reset. It's really fun to try solving mystery by yourself. now this is a perfect match! 사사사 Jan 12 2018 2:17 am Why the writer make this drama so hard to understand? It really just didn't make any sense at all. She lacks in acting skills!! Katrina Nov 17 2019 3:19 pm Haram led a normal life, she's not a half reaper anymore. I think Go Ara's acting is wonderful, even I could see she's more superior than the veteran Actor Song Seung Hoon in several scenes. The ending was a little confusing, but I somewhat understood it after watched it one more time. I am so hooked on this drama and you will be too. The actors are superb especially 444. Her stupidity and stubbornness were too much and that stops me from watching it. I like this drama so much. kawa Mar 22 2018 1:34 pm Being named 444 would be akin as being called Death Death Death, notice how he was called “heartless” because his body was indeed heartless. Then I started watching... for the first two episode I ( who watched total 179 drama series ) I can say that this drama is worth a try... as per Go Ara she is doing well.. so far so good! Also, he threw away the organ transplant documents, meaning he wanted to cover up for the crime his mother committed for him. I gave some thoughts to it and read some theories online. I would have been happier if Sun had gone to the US with his mother. Kudos to Black kdrama crew. Thank you for a movie that shows human trafficking, at any age, and thank you for a team that brought this movie an understanding. This show reminds me of an 2017 Icelandic detective show called Trapped. NUR FITRIA IBRAHIM Apr 06 2018 9:19 pm Like there must be a way to regain Black's position as a reaper.

Song Seung-Heon is wonderful, but this show has an excellent ensemble cast.

@lily I think the reason why he couldn't come out is because of the heart in moo gang body. The police were incompetent over and over and over. WooTak Nov 19 2017 7:25 pm When I read "Grim Reaper" I immediately thought of Lee Dong Wook xD xD HAHA. And make sense why Ha Ram can see the shadow of death because I think Ha Ram's father is Grim Reaper who accidentally see Ha Ram's mother eyes when he supposes to take Ha Ram's father soul when he died because of the car accident. since Haram is supposed to die and 444 is supposed to collect her soul, then by the time that they actually find Joon oppa's body from 13 years ago, will they go to heaven together? Why doesn't Ha Ram see the shadow inside Leo when he wears colorful/pastel clothing? This series had everything in it, suspense, mystery, humour, emotions , fabulous characters and amazing acting. What day of the week please? 2. Ha Ram's Appa and Omma love each other so deeply but cant live together, Ha Ram love his appa so deeply , Ha Ram's love to Joon.. All that's been said above is why I think Ha Ram's first love is the same person as 444. I just don't. This drama is daebak! I just finished this one and I surely won't be able to move on from this for the meantime.

i dont understand why he fall in love with ha ram in the end. Olk26 Dec 03 2017 8:53 pm Stephanie Dec 29 2017 11:07 am - Nov 06 2017 12:08 am

And that's beside the fact that mom decided to do this in the heat of the moment, as the opportunity arose, though it would probably require quite a bit of planning and preparation. But when I started watch this drama, WOW, I love them!!! I feel watched While you were sleeping, goblin, terminator, fantastic four .. HAHAHAHAHAHA ? Love this good..Excellent acting from the main actors. Please!? SSH's fan Dec 06 2017 1:24 pm The earthly and the afterworld collide dangerously. i dont really think so.. remember ep 1/2 at the beginning, he found someone's dead body in the ocean.. damn, i just cant wait to watch the ending.. Ashish Nov 26 2017 12:21 pm As sad as I am to see this show end, I'm also excited that Bad Guys will premiere next week. I love how the drama goes back to the first episode too because I totally forgot about how Moo-gang was in the water, breaking the glass of the car window in the ocean. I'm so sad to find out the truth at last. he's gonna stir up some more troubles, and looks like 444 is in love with ha-ram now, episode 9, he looks straight into her eyes, getting more and more interesting, good thing it's not 10 episode, 10 would be too short. they came to listen stories and do fun. Noodle Nov 16 2017 2:14 am I love this show!!!! what a plot twist.... High ratings on IMDB and Netflix, which snapped it up immediately from OCN. If the world/time got reset, then it means bad people will be there and still murder innocent people after Black prevents Ha-Ram's parents' death? Fighting, bambino Oct 15 2017 2:05 pm

Before we found out that the body did not belong to Kim Joon, 007 suggested that 444 may be getting these dreams of Kim Joon's past due to the brain replaying memories/life span, or because he was inside a body that experienced the events he dreamt of.

all the stars in this drama suits the characters they are portraying. Go Ara!

yasmin Jul 16 2019 9:07 am why do they have to make her part of that twist

And when crazy dog asked him about moojin, rather than lying, it more looks like he don't aware that leo ever live in moojin when he was child.

"Doctor (....) long time no see" SERIOUSLY, LACKING. Black became trapped when he entered his brother’s body, his body (heart) recognized his soul and held onto it tightly, he couldn’t leave this body just as human souls can’t leave their human bodies. 18 episodes now??? This comment may contain some spoilers.

3. This kdrama is a bomb.. all the casts did really great.

Go Ara was great too even though I was kinda nervous about how she was going to portray her character. Dubz Oct 26 2017 12:47 am It's Korean song .. the passenger Dec 15 2017 2:53 pm

The detective was possessed by non-human creature, and there was another secret story about the detective, grim reaper and the shaman! you must be new to OCN dramas (well, most of them), JP Jul 16 2017 1:32 am at first i was so confused with the flow of the story but when you watch it form start to end everything will be cleared to you. 1.

But with Black... it twisted in every angle.. it full with emotion, has enough funny moment , simple love scenes but Deep.. up to episode 16.. Now we will take a look at Kim Joon, Ha Ram's first love. Going to miss this series.

I still don’t understand the moment it started but hopefully things will be cleared up soon. if(typeof(W4GRB)=="undefined") Fighting !! please tell me! Ah, fair warning. Black is a detective possessed by the Grim Reaper. I get that it isn't easy plot and you have to be really concentrated but that's what makes mystery interesting. One of the craziest and most confusing drama I've seen ? Can’t wait for saturday and sunday! Etha Jul 29 2018 11:12 pm I understand that Black (Kim Joon) has his own happiness when he tried his best to make Kang Ha Ram happy.. I stop watching because of the actress character is mehhhh, so annoyed the crap of me tbh. 3. I'm not buying the whole 444 reset human time so Ha Ram gets a nice life story. Ada Jul 23 2017 11:50 am xolove Aug 15 2018 5:01 am And I have to say the way they reveal the answers are really amazing. Q: why was ha-ram able to reunite with Joon after her death, and why did Joon still have Moo gang's face? The director totally messed her up in there :(. It's hard to actually survive a mystery drama that will make its audience more curious every episode but this drama proves it can. Amazing. No Joon means Ha Ram would have grown up without the saving promise/memory of Joon to keep her sane. I think the writer should get an award for this drama. I can't get over Go Ara's character teaser. Aria Oct 25 2017 11:53 pm 4- All characters are connected: which Koreans call it "MAGJANG", it's too much to believe and it makes the story way too much ripe. Len Dec 10 2017 11:10 pm Who ever wrote it planned it out so well. Congratulations! Hyun Soo (young) Guest Role. and is Grim Reaper No.444 related? Title: So well written, so creative & imaginative. She is pretty and based of what i read about her personality I believe that she has a good heart for others. Rabea Sep 25 2017 3:38 pm

Omg I just watched it and holy shit!!!! 2. In the United Kingdom, the show aired via Netflix one week behind the original South Korean broadcast. A lot of plot holes in this drama. But after reading the comments here, I've decided to give this a try. they can choose their appearance their own except human's face. Not just a little bad. Go Ara!

It's mostly like an accesory. About 444, in the first episode, the first scene was Song Seung Heon jumps into the ocean and found a car with a skeleton inside. I just can't believe it !! OCN has never let me down... Sad. well its because someone post it on news feed so i come down to watch it, the ost that catch me first...thank you to nam taehyun song+voice make this drama look so mysterious and thriller for me but the ending of the drama really make me feel like...(what....)... Only 2 more episodes! I like it.. Song Seung heon and Go Ara did a great job at portraying the character.. Except, the ending. I thought they are the same people! But the mystery unfolding before my eyes kept me going. amazing. Im really enjoy watching this story, im keep folowing this story and untill cant wait for the next episode that want to release.

I loved the series, and the way it answered a lot of questions in the end kudos to the writer, loved how the main male character went from geeky to hot , hated the ending , very frustrating. I love her I actually first watched her on her drama You`re all surrounded. bbeom Oct 30 2017 6:52 am Paris Jul 09 2017 6:47 pm I completely fell in love with this wonderful tale. Love Black and the cast members. Is there another episode? I have a feeling she already knows that there's a black shadow inside detective Han and she also saw him push the boy with the similar shadow...she's just pretending not to know so that she can come to know the truth. the role is perfect for her!!! Yes. 2.

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