1. Guitar Match – Elite (18 Guitars) New HD Racks (8 New Racks Total) New Fuzz Modeler. BIAS FX 2 guitar software provides this and more as an intuitive, fully customizable virtual electric guitar, bass or acoustic guitar rig for Mac and PC.

Create and Download … Log in to your account at the Focusrite website, and then go to the My Software tab

New Time Modeler. This is the Focusrite Plug-In Collective offer for May/June. 100 New Effects Total. Works as a standalone guitar effects processing app, allowing you to inject new tones and creativity into your playing, practicing and jamming — no need for any other guitar software or DAW. BIAS Pedal Distortion, Delay, Modulation. This article will explain how to claim the Positive Grid plugin collective offer of BIAS FX 2 LE, including the activation and installation process. 200 New Factory Presets Total. Bias FX 2 Elite (Jul/2019) Positive Grid; V2.1.6 (Jan/2020 Updated) Everything in Professional plus: 100 New Amplifiers Total.

New Harmonizer Modeler . BIAS FX 2 can be used as a standalone software or a VST or AAX plug-in on a Windows 8 or later computer, or all of the above, plus as an AU plug-in on a Mac OS X computer (10.11, Core i5). BIAS FX 2 The Ultimate All-In-One Guitar Effects Plugin Learn More BIAS AMP 2 Amp Match, Create & Design Custom Amp Tones Amp Match, Create & Design Custom Amp Tones Learn More BIAS MINI 300w Tiny Powerhouse Works with BIAS AMP 2.

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