My custom Remington 700 has a 24” barrel, chassis-type stock, and a scope with a 52m objective lens and a large turret. Also, you should make sure your case has a set of ball bearing wheels. If you are looking for a smaller case to carry your rifles, the 36-inch will still fit most tactical rifles and hunting rifles with accessories. Let’s look at our five favorite hard shells among the best rifle cases.

Although this case is TSA and Airline compliant, I would not recommend using it to ship a valuable rifle and scope in.

There is a larger pocket on the back of the bag that will carry several accessories or even additional rifle accessories. There is enough extra space for magazines and accessories. It’s my personal opinion that the Boyt Harness H51 is the strongest and best built hard-sided case available for two scoped rifles or shotguns. Uncle Mike also makes just about every piece of gear you can imagine when it comes to guns and tactical gear. A proper case will limit the abuse your rifle takes, prolonging its life. The Tactical Rifle Assault case even features an interior handgun pocket. Trust me, you’ll will be glad you did!

It may not be fancy or high tech, but it works.

The Condor Double rifle tactical case does have the same 26-inch pouch and two small, and 1 medium pouch. Make certain the case you select has heavy duty handles: one for carry and one for towing. The Boyt Harness Company was founded in 1901 and has become the standard by which all other hard rifle case manufactures are measured by. It’s actually a perfect case for an AR-15 outfitted with proper optics and paired with an equally powerful hunting rifle. The Plano Molding All Weather Tactical Gun Case is a top option for a single rifle hard shell case.

If you would prefer a case that doesn’t require fitting or cutting the foam, take a look at the SKB iSeries Single Rifle Case. It is perfectly suited for light and short, and heavy and long weapons. Thanks, * As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The maximum size of a rifle is 42 inches with this case. If you believe that your product should be included The foam must be cut to fit your firearm which provides another level of protection. Like all Pelican rifle cases the Vault V770 is made in the USA with quality materials and components.

The interior is fleece-lined and so soft you'll be jealous you can't lie down inside, too. The Pelican 1750 (about $270) is sealed with an O-ring and will protect your weapon in any conditions, as it's both water- and dust-proof.

The Plano 108191 Double is 2 3/8” narrower than the Boyt Double which may be an issue for accommodating two bolt rifles plus optics. by Quincy Miller. The Pelican Storm iM3410 has all the features and specs I was looking for in a hard case to fit my rifle and scope. If you want the maximum protection while transporting your valuable firearm with optics, only the Best Hard Case for Scoped Rifles will do the job.

Although this case is lockable it is not Airline compliant. Just because your rifle case happens to be TSA compliant doesn’t mean the Airline will automatically accept it at check in. Whether you are an avid hunter or simply enjoy some target practice now and then, purchasing a quality rifle case is essential to effectively and safely transporting your weapon. The best rifle cases listed above provide a protective shield from the world and keep sneaky fingers from touching your rifles. After you have reviewed the types of cases available and begun to determine which one might best meet your needs, don't stop there. 5 out of 5 stars (18) Total Ratings 18, ... Tactical Weapon Gun Case Soft Double Rifle Polyester Range Padded Accessory 42" $50.00.

Your email address will not be published. This required two different size cases, from two different brands to get that just right fit I wanted. Some states mandate that when traveling, the rifle must be unloaded with the clip removed and carried in a locked case in order to ensure complete safety. $84) offers multiple storage areas for accessories and ammo. Foam Type: Customizable, must be cut to fit, (4) Heavy-Duty, Dual-Stage Lockable Latches, Foam Type: Pre-perforated pluckable foam for easy customization, Foam Type: Pluck to fit, customizable foam, Double Layer Egg Crate Foam (non-customizable). The overall dimensions do allow up to two scoped rifles according to the manufacture, but it would be a tight fit. we may earn commissions to I selected the Pelican Storm iM3410  case for one of my custom Remington 700 Long Range Scoped Rifles with a 24″ non-threaded barrel.

I highly recommend the Pelican Vault V770 Case for anyone who wants the maximum level of protection at a more affordable price. Overall, the VISM Double Carbine case is a fantastic case if you are looking for something that’s light and easy to use when heading out to the shooting range.

It doesn’t matter whether you only have a 10/22 that you use for occasionally shooting cans outdoors, or that you are a true AR-15 aficionado—you’ll likely want the same protection for your rifle. They were similar to muskets and were often called rifled muskets. Like all Pelican cases, the Vault V770 is Guaranteed for Life!

A rifle case is a must-have piece of gear for traveling and when using public ranges.

If you don’t need to carry too many rifle accessories, it can also fit a handgun in addition to the rifle quite nicely. For them, there's the Bulldog Cases Pit Bull, which is as bare-bones as it gets.

Its handle and adjustable carrying strap are comfortable to use, and the lining is easy to clean. In its place we included the Savior Equipment Patriot, largely because it included a ton of storage options at a reasonable price. They are most commonly used by civilians for hunting, but there are rifles, such as sniper rifles, that continue to be used by specially trained military personnel.

This makes it one of the few on our list that meets the FAA guidelines for traveling with a rifle. Keep in mind that these are often impractical and are more for show than anything. You still have several considerations before settling on the right one. Picking the best rifle case will depend on how you use it. Transporting your rifle is as important as maintaining it.

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