Once the locking mechanism has been deactivated this gun safe will quickly spring open. Additionally, quick access for members of your family will dictate the locking mechanism best suited to your situation. Choosing a Bedside Gun Safe. Now that we’ve taken a gander at the areas of importance when selecting a bedside gun safe, let’s jump into my list of top quick access bedside gun safe picks. Other nice security features you get with it include a thick cable for home floor or wall mounting. Here are the most important features to consider when looking at buying a nightstand gun safe: By far the number one trait of any gun safe to look at is how fast you can get access to your handgun. It’s a solidly built product that allows fast access to any handgun stored in it. For many of us, a bedside gun safe is the best way to do this, so today we’re talking about how to choose an effective bedside gun safe and sharing a few recommendations for our favorites. You have entered an incorrect email address! The Gunvault MVB500 Biometric Pistol Gun Safe is also built to last. It is almost impenetrable and has a simple way of opening. Ideally, if you’re relying on a lid or door on your bedside gun safe, it will have some kind of hydraulic arm to assist and provide you quick access to your handgun. There are also 4 predrilled holes to help make mounting it easier. SentrySafe has a tendency to produce some pretty amazing products. This biometric gun safe by Awesafe provides speedy access and super secure storage for two standard handguns or one larger pistol and extra ammunition. Something else we cannot forget to mention is the smartphone usability. There is room inside it for extra clips and ammunition too. Do you have children or others who may try to access your handgun and that you need to know about? If quick access is of paramount importance, then this is your best bet. From small and quick access bedside to cheap and luxury bedside gun safe and so on. It's big, spacious, and tough. Despite that, it’s still a worthy choice since it’s got an easy-to-program electronic lock and pre-drilled holes for mounting. This nightstand gun safe uses incredibly secure biometric coding to gain access to the weapon inside. Essentially there is a holster that your pistol will sit in, that can only be un-holstered using a bio-metric scan. In our analysis, the Fort Knox FTK-PB was our best pick. It also features a tamper indicator that lets you know if someone has tried and failed to access it. Finally, you have the bio-metric style lock systems which require an authorized users fingerprints to open. While these make quick access extremely easy, they lack the most basic security features. They’ve been a mainstay on the gun safe market for quite some time and with the quick access safe, they’ve outdone themselves.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'gunnewsdaily_com-box-3','ezslot_6',116,'0','0'])); This pistol safe is available in five unique variations from the single pistol standard with electronic lock to the biometric fingerprint lock and the two-pistol capacity model with electronic lock. Measuring 3 x 10.5 x 9, we were able to fit two 1911 handguns, and we still hand plenty of room left.. We are also big fans of the thick foam padding inside the safe. The smaller the number, the thicker the steel. With the Vaultek MX wi-fi safe high capacity smart handgun safe, you can. The V-Line Desk Mate Keyless Security Box is a rare front opening model too. It’s designed so that you can mount it under a desk, nightstand or cabinet shelf. It allows very fast access to any firearm that can be placed inside it. For the money ($215.00), this one’s a real beast. The primary means of opening this handgun safe is through a biometric fingerprint reader. A bedside Gun Safe is great for safely storing your home defense firearm while still keeping it close at hand and ready for use when the moment arrives. No child can gain access to your weapon when it’s stored in this compact gun safe. Regarded as the best handgun safe by many, it delivers on all aspects. The lock mechanism is powered by a single 9-volt battery which is easy to change. Inside it features a foam padding that protects your guns from getting scratches. There is even enough room to store some extra ammo, small jewelry or cash. Then this nightstand gun safe from Stack-On might be just what you are looking for. There’s really nothing I bad I can say about this one. That is much peace of mind you get when you purchase this gun safe. Think of this as a level III holster with bio-metric active retention. This gun safe has an unbelievable warranty too. If your safe does not have a key override, determine if it has a change key. The safe is made from 10 gauge steel and is impossible to damage or pry open. Inside the safe is a thick foam padding that protects your gun's finish. This makes them a great choice if you’re looking for a quick access bedside safe. Named after an impenetrable fortress, the Fort Knox FTK-PB Pistol Box Handgun Safe is by far the best nightstand gun safe. The handgun safe is fashioned out of solid steel and weighs 12 pounds. by Norman Turner - Last updated August 24, 2020. There are four different ways of accessing this handgun safe. And the best in this category are the Vaultek VT201 Biometric handgun bluetooth smart safe and the Vaultek MX wi-fi Safe. Nightstand gun safes are handy to have for many reasons. Additionally, there are certain things to keep in mind when shopping for one. Here is a very popular nightstand gun safe. ... Best Bedside Gun Safe Wide-vision Research Buying Guide In 2020. One of the best features you get with this model gun safe is it needs no batteries. That means it will need to be made of thick gauge steel or military grade polymer plastics. interior lighting for increased visibility, The 8 Best Long Gun Safes To Protect Your Weapons, The 8 Best Concealed Carry Holsters for Glocks, Alternative entry options including an override key, Automatic lid opening for silent, one-handed access, Four unlocking methods: Fingerprint, Bluetooth, Password Combination, Keys, High-tech fingerprint entry for super speedy access, Automatic lid opening for fast and quiet access, Rechargeable battery with good battery life, You can choose fingerprint entry or RFID fob and card access depending on your preference, LED interior lighting for night visibility, Has a keypad and comes with an override key too, 2 size options to choose from depending on how many guns you want to store, Not the strongest, most pry-resistant construction. How easy is it for you to access your firearm in case of a nighttime emergency? Your email address will not be published. This is Vaultek’s top of the line nightstand gun safe. There is a unique smart key, a keypad as well as wi-fi unlocking. Although it’s small it can still hold just about any size handgun. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. You can make this gun safe even more secure too. Compared to some of the other biometric fingerprint scanners we have tested, this was one of the fastest. Our pick for the best small bedside gun safe are the following. It is an inexpensive option and is our pick for the best economy bedside gun safe. There is no reaching inside the safe and it’s more like removing a gun from a holster. Today, I’ll walk you through my top picks for the best bedside pistol safes as well as tips, tricks, and other considerations before selecting the right safe for your night stand. The best quick draw gun safe, in our opinion, this gun safe is perfect for hiding your handgun from prying eyes. With your smartphone, you can change the brightness of the backlit LEDs. Sometimes a safe will have more than one type of lock mechanism. Here are the main features to look at when shopping for the best quick access gun safe. That means you can even use it as a portable gun safe in your vehicle or to take it to the range. Speaking of the door, it features gas-operated struts.

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