), Beyonce covers British Vogue December 2020. Cut Drake’s involvement . That's why Harry and... matrixdread, Oct 31, 2020 at 4:07 AM 13 songs comprise powerhouse vocalist JoJo‘s inaugural holiday offering, ‘December Baby’ (released October 30). As most of the so-called celebrities... ItsCookieC. The intent is not to disrespect the family, nor do BlackGround Records want to shed any bad light around Aaliyah’s legacy. Toni found out that Barry solved millions from her And every time she asked for receipt and accounting working she found out. To us, she’ll always be ‘baby girl’. Please people Aaliyah had so much more she wanted to do and say before her life was abruptly taken I know that we are all still mouring her death but I would give anything just to hear her sing one more note and to once again leave her mark for the new generation. Anything she was recording during the time of “Queen” and “Matrix” was for the AALIYAH album, and one song was for Sparkle. Drake is hot right now and he will ensure we make the money we want/need although we’re saying otherwise. The Aaliyah Biopic is currently on hold until the Haughton family agree to go forward with it. We can’t disrespect Blackground but you don’t have a problem disrespecting Ms. Diane? ( Log Out /  Lord forgive me because I will not support this album in any way. Drake and Noah did an exceptional job with “Enough Said”. It’s not keeping them funded. How much financial backing and strategy are in place to push the album upon release, and if so- how important are sales to you at this point? the disrespect and the NERVE Drake & Barry have ! http://www.change.org/petitions/drake-prohibited-from-touching-aaliyah-s-unreleased-music#%20…. What did lil miss Keshia say? Cause I’ll be getting on twitter JUST to let her ass have it! I remember he said something very cryptic on Aaliyah’s ‘Behind the Music,’ saying that if the plane crash wasn’t an accident God will deal with it. That’s the only explanation for this crap. There’s too much emotionality here. If you are a TRUE Aaliyah fan, You would be the first to get this album released because it’s Her music by & from her & who she trusted.. Get a clue. It’s really about us giving them what they want. I didn’t expect him to say all of this. What's the deal? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. She’d probably be alongside Brandy and Monica, making a comeback with more current producers. TGJ: Finally, in the grand scheme of things, how do you want Aaliyah to be remembered? All that sh1t? Tanzania's President engages in colourism, while campaigning, LA Times: As a Black woman, I had to beg doctors to take me seriously when my brain was leaking, Haitian Kang Meets the Congolese Queen, Sa Plis Ke Love, 1977 Reality Show Episode focused on Middle Class ADOS Family in New York, Africa must prepare for second COVID-19 wave, disease control group says. Her real fans care about her mothers wishes. WORD? But a whole album, especially without the family’s blessing is too much. Exactly!! I feel like dame and her uncle are shady characters I feel like they had a part in her death. They were a few of the only people who knew her vibe with her music & beats etc. Isiah Classic Food by Isiah Hurts is available on kindle. If you are worried about them losing the slippers, put them up when you get them dressed for the day. TGJ I commend you for a half decent interview that didn’t involve you camping and queening it up as usual. I don’t think enough said is a bad song, but having drake executive produce the project was the wrong thing to do. That star search performance was on point. I wrote a poem about Aaliyah the day we lost her.The title of my poem is Aaliyah, because it describe the person she was.I say this because of the person i learn through her music and seeing her on tv and not even knowing her personally,my poem is Aaliyah.Im hoping one day my poem could be use to continue out her legacy of who Aaliyah really was. Back when toni was going to court trying to get money arista stole from her. http://www.thedailyswarm.com/swarm/r-kelly-trial-newly-jim-derogatis-barry-hankerson/, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. What got me is the fact that Missy and Tim won’t have a place on the new album, yet Barry claims that Blackground isn’t that concerned with profit. The account on Twitter is fake, mostly like this interview – it’s probably the same person behind both. she always had a soft beautiful voice in her music but she sounds like a little powerhouse in that performance. In a 2004 interview with MTV News, Barry Hankerson of her label Blackground compared the … So you basically saying the hell with what her MOTHER says or feels? You disgust me. Alsio for Drake to head up the album just to make it “fresh” for the new opr younger generation is RIDICULOUS.. Aaliyah fans loved her because her music was ORIGINAL from her, Missy & Timbaland. You forreal right now? With powerhouse vocals, JoJo had been talked of loftily since day one. I mean damn, I’m sure they probably originally produced one of those 16 original tracks and now you’re just gonna scrap the instrumental for a dreary Noah 40 beat? Oh and Barry I know you read that! Who’s prettier? I’d love nothing more than to have a new Aaliyah album (even though it’d probably be heavily edited and sound very similar to today’s crap) but if Aaliyah’s family don’t want it, then I don’t want it. I wanted to view what comments you got. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. The intent was too be creative with one song at first and see how the fans would react. She was truly gone too soon. Today, a newly released interview transcript from 2002 seems to confirm that R. Kelly’s former manager and uncle of Aaliyah, Barry Hankerson, is the person who brought the singer down. I swear I can’t say this enough, Babygirl rest in heavenly peace & Lord have mercy on the souls of these money hungry people tainting your legacy. He had control over who could manage her that’s why she went to vince. You couldn’t leave her and her legacy in peace, could you? Barry: Thank you. Future’s Oldest Child Reposted Dwight Howard’s Son Message About His Dad, Nelly on If He'll Marry Longtime Girlfriend Shantel Jackson: "We're Working Towards it". i just cant with these ratchet money hungry negroids. Adorable newborn gorilla is born by C-section at a Boston zoo, Japan's abortion rule: Get consent from your sexual predator. By 22, Aaliyah had become one of the most celebrated entertainers of her time- the long running poster child for cross-over R&B. White Professor Who Pretended She Was Mexican Wasn't Even Creative About Her Scam, Exonerated Five's Kevin Richardson Hopes to Inspire Others with Honorary Degree from Syracuse Uni, AOC Reminds Repubs They Only Have 3 Jobs: Drink Water, Don’t Be Racist and Stay Out Her Business, Trump campaign operative is asking everything about election safety & security in Pa. counties, NEW HAMPSHIRE CONSERVATIVE PUBLICATION ENDORSES BIDEN, Toya and Reginae Create Their Own Spice Girls Reunion, T.I. The other day Keisha Chante put out a very disrespectful tweet towards her family and brother. They aren’t even good quality and you dodged the HELL out of those questions something serious-which usually happens when people LIE! even damon dash ? Why are some Black people against luxury and say stupid ish like: How can I feel empowered to make my own choices as a grown woman while living with parents? So, ever eager to serve the answers you want the questions to, That Grape Juice met with BlackGround CEO Barry Hankerson for a tell all interview on the controversial release. Aaliyah being so young at the time of her death, I assume there was no will left behind. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. now i know why timbaland and missy were not invovled. It’s funny how he dodged answering most of these questions, like how did Drake become involved with the entire project (not just one song) or explain why Missy and Timbaland weren’t involved. He stole millions from her. I am furious with this man, disregarding the wishes of her family. Ice Cube and the Religion of Black Politics. Album. f*** blackground and drake. If anything they should’ve done a greatest hits album and had about 3 new songs as a gift to the fans. Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield or Mamie Van Doren? The answers do not sound like they come from Aaliyah’s UNCLE…… they are also very vague. we need to stop this fuckery. Hold up? “We have authoritive rights so we will be putting out this album” So basically f*** her immediate family, ya’ll will do what you want because you need the money. Madamchic, Oct 31, 2020 at 4:07 AM She knows the deal, dont worry about she. She’s worth more dead than alive. IMO this album is coming way too late. *Interview by David Asante ( That Grape Juice, London), Your email address will not be published. Likewise. And that time toni felled ill and wasn’t able to get out of debt. I came in here thinking you were pouring tea. Her real fans don’t even care about an album! And back when toni started going through bankruptcy. Or do you think addressing legal ways that Black people continue to be... sosie, Oct 31, 2020 at 4:08 AM I guess JoJo was right, along with Toni and MANY OTHERS! I think Blackground has been respectful in terms of waiting long enough after Aaliyah’s death before moving forward with this project. Her parents are executors of her estate and I hope to GOD they have some type of legal standing to stop your ass and stop this mess. Paparazzi Alley. We really want the fans to know that this album is not about fighting or money, but us wanting to give fans the opportunity to hear all this music we have of hers. Required fields are marked *. Why didn’t David push for more info when barry intentionally didn’t explain how drake got involved with the album?

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