A lots of thanks for sharing these helpful things. No pro-upgrades are required to get started with these great resources. I found the same to be correct. Performag is a solid theme if you are building a magazine style site for your website. Hopefully this will be added soon. This theme also scores under my typical goal of 1 second per MB in load time. I think this is a tremendous post to keep on file when I will be deciding the best theme to choose. Hi Cynthia – keep in mind your site speed may not be the fault of the theme. Is is only Astra Themes, LearnDash works with. It achieves an 86 overall which is extremely good, and it loads at 4.6 seconds for a 5.5MB homepage. While I haven’t yet mastered all aspects of Thrive Themes and Thrive Architect, Jake (who also works for Spencer) is a Thrive themes pro and can get landing pages up and running in no time. BUT….if you can pick the right theme and layout for your site from square one, you won’t need to worry about your user experience once you start driving some traffic to your website. I would not recommend she go out and drop 20-30 bucks a month on hosting when she’s still learning how to properly structure a website. We have teamed-up with the good folks behind Astra Theme, the … Hi Here are some sites that use it: GeneratePress is one of the newer themes on the market, but dare I say it’s one of the best. Rise is used by some great affiliate marketers on their own blogs, but it can also be used easily by Niche Site builders looking to build out sites to monetize via Amazon or Adsense. The customization options are pretty much limitless. As Spencer mentioned, BlueHost is great for someone that’s just starting out. Very well done. I liked it! Bottom Line: Hosting Matters, but pick a minimalistic theme that’s coded well. My heart was in the right place but I was wasting a lot of time. I like Astra or GeneratePress, but either will work. If you are currently using LearnDash, or are thinking about choosing us for your LMS, then I have great news to share! Me on the other hand – I’m still learning Thrive and enjoying it. While you can definitely modify the look/feel of your content, it’s still primarily a good looking content based theme right out of the box. What I like about Newspaper by MyThemeShop: Look and Feel: Newspaper feels and looks extremely modern. I have even downloaded a few more layouts for it and found them working well. I would recommend starting free (it’s free forever) and seeing how you like it. Don’t waste time like I did and flip between multiple themes – pick one, stick with it and start blowing your audience away with amazing content. What I don’t like about Rise by Thrive Themes: Learning Curve:  Same example here as Focus Blog – The Thrive Content Builder has a learning curve. It’s a little bit more time consuming other than basic color changes for StudioPress themes. But is takes more time than expected to get this one working like the way i want, so maybe there was some advise / guidance. Thanks, used a Genesis theme where the TCB did not work well enough , so i had to change themes and decided to switch over to a Thrive theme. Basic knowledge of CSS adjustments is recommended if you plan to use this theme. Wow. The homepage allows customization that lends itself well to commercial and small business use. This has always been the most important thing to me – how does the theme feel when I’m on the site? The super fast loading helps make sure that visitors won’t leave before getting results and won’t get frustrated waiting on another page. If they are slow, I’m probably dropping off quickly. Elegant Themes and Thrive have gone out of their way to provide some beginner level features with their themes to make customization easy. Safe to say I don’t make anything if you sign up for the free version. December 14, 2019 at 5:17 am. They Don’t Pay Me If You Sign Up For Free: Pretty self-explanatory. You’ll need to learn basic CSS and get into the theme editor to change the colors of your hyperlinks and buttons if you have a specific color you want to use to match your site’s logo. I’ve used Rise before and totally agree with you about this theme. Doesn’t mean you can’t have success using Divi, but I’ve seen noticeably higher conversion rates out of Thrive. This theme is used a number of people that build out niche sites because of the flexibility that the theme offers. When it comes to product comparisons, Thrive excels where most themes fall short. It’s not hard to change it, but it’s also not as easy as some of the themes that allow you to do it using the theme’s own customizer. For image heavy sites, this theme allows the use of Thrive Content Builder and allows you to build out an attractive magazine style site that will retain visitors. The Newspaper Theme by MyThemeShop is a theme that’s based on the look of Lifehack.org. What to Consider When Choosing a WordPress Membership Plugin, https://kurser.derdiedas.dk/index.php/kurser/, From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to APPEARANCE > THEMES and install, Under PLUGINS > ADD NEW, search for and add, Navigate to APPEARANCE > STARTER TEMPLATES. Totally agree, Thrive is where it’s at right now, at least for me if you want to be conversion focused. Regarding payments and subscriptions – if you are referring to how you sign up, I believe Thrive has a quarterly or a yearly plan. I see nothing wrong with having a good experience with Thrive and articulating that. As I am on a really low budget..Thank you. If the site looks like it was created in 2006, I’m probably not viewing that website as a credible information source unless it’s from a government or educational resource (notorious for having older interfaces). If you are a type A personality like I am, that can drive you crazy. These are those that I’m most familiar with that I think affiliate marketers can have some success with easily right out of the box. There’s not a lot of bloated plugins that the theme is coded with that can slow down your site and slow you down while you figure out how to manage it. When I started out building my first WordPress websites, I spent more time picking and switching between different WordPress themes than I did generating solid content. It’s Free: GeneratePress has a premium version, but I don’t think you need it. GeneratePress is designed to get your site up and running in the minimum amount of time possible. This is a fantastic theme for bloggers or even image based sites that need a wider content viewing area. While dwell time as a statistic is currently a less important factor than your content or backlinks, you should still consider it when building out (or maintaining) your website. Have u ever tried it? But it is geared with a focus on speed and usability. Do you mean on the demo site? Keep in mind that I’ve used at least 200+ themes building out sites over the last few years, and the information below is just my personal experience and personal preference. We’ve talked about dwell time earlier in this article and Magazine Pro is a great option for anyone in a “visual niche” that’s looking to increase visitor retention and dwell time on their site. It could be your host or your image sizes if you aren’t sizing them properly before you upload them. Haven’t really noticed anyone post one as such, until now! You will have a professional, quick, and robust online course website powered by LearnDash and Astra! In fact, you can customize your theme for as little as $40 or so. Astra loads in less than 3/10s of a second, which is about how long it takes for you to blink an eye. Thank you! Here, I have reviewed a list of best WordPress Astra Theme Examples to give you a true inspiration.Yes, before you install this theme of your WordPress site, let's take a look at some beautifully

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